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Dream. Create. Innovate.

In the times of the corona-crisis many of you business owners have to rethink your products and service, if not starting from scratch. But how exactly do you come up with a good idea for a new product, service or business ? And how do you know which idea is the best one when you have so many, or so few, of them?


I would love to help you get from where you are now to a high-vibe creative and innovative business. I will guide you through how to create intentional habits and frameworks to boost creativity and you will learn the language of innovation so you become confident that you can always innovate yourself out of a difficult situation or come up with new solutions for the world

Hi, I'm Åste Kristine

I’m an architect and innovator. 
I believe we are all born creative, and that innovation is a language that can be taught by anyone. I remember being a child, drawing my dream houses in my sketchbook. I had so many ideas then, and I just really wanted to learn how to create something different. Today I have even more ideas and I still want to create something different, but now I have learned how to do it. I have learned the language of innovation, and I will tell you; you can learn it too. I have also realized that the world needs more dreamers and more pioneer, and it has become my mission to help you become the pioneer of your field.

So, what do I know about innovation?
I practice my creating and innovating skills everyday, and I have been since my childhood. As an architect I have learned to become a creative professional and to be able to think outside the box when it most matters. To be solution oriented and questioning the way things are are important to succeed. This makes me adaptable to changes, and makes me confident in my skills to find new solutions in the world. These last years I have traveled the world, making innovations in colaboration with local communities and across cultures. Most recently, I was in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile to test a self-made prototype there.

The programs that will expand what's possible for you

Innovation with confidence

Most people and businesses do not lack the good ideas; they lack the ability to commercialize their ideas and implement innovation-building activities into their workday. The true pioneering companies have implemented a framework for dreaming, creating and innovating, that makes them adaptable to changes in the world. And a creative workday is a fun workday. Creative companies in general have more fun. So why miss out on it?

If you want to create the products, solutions or business of your dreams, learn the language of innovation or become a pioneer in your field, this course is for you. 

This course will make you feel confident in your creative skills and expand your reality so you can make the impossible happen.


Your own kick-off inspiration call

6 months access inside the Innovation with Confidence facebook group

6 months, once a week, coaching calls with me

Online training videos

Weekly Innovation-Building Activities

Monthly Coffee Brainstorming sessions

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